Musical interludes: Laura Doggett

Been pretty bloody busy the past few months but that tends to mean I am constantly found with music in my ears (it is the best way I have found to keep me focused). So in my adventures of finding new musical inspiration I stalked across Laura Doggett. She is ticking all my boxes right now. Go on, treat yourself.


I seem to just be in some kind of dream home hunting spree. I can’t help it. There are just too many amazingly beautiful places in the world. So I am going to just keep going. I promise to bring back art and music and all that nice stuff soon. Until then can we all just say Hello to this big party barn house. So so dream. Those exposed beams. The light fittings. Can you imagine throwing a massive dinner party around that table? Then maybe when everyone has gone home curling up on the sofa infront of the fire with the outdoors all around.

I used to live in a converted church hall that had ceiling like the bedroom so there is a little nostalgia attached to this here too. The main feature I adore though is the spiral staircase.

If you want to read the full details of this dreamy pad then head Yellow Trace.



Images & drawings courtesy of Liddicoat & Goldhill.
Source: Yellow Trace

Dream Home – Patricia Szonert and Cam Noble


I always love when I open my inbox in the morning to the treat of a new Design Files newsletter. I have been a fan before I moved over here, previously going to bed at night to browse through their dreamy articles about beautiful homes and inspirational designers.


This morning was no different, coffee inhand and cycle into the office complete I sit down and open up to this beauty of a home. Owned by Patricia Szonert and Cam Noble, the Brisbane home ticks so many of my dream home boxes, big rooms,  with high ceilings, bright and clean, with colour injected into the space through artwork and interesting furnishings. It looks like the kind of place where you could comfortably find a nice place to sit yourself and get lost in a book, or invite friends over and share a glass or two of wine and chat the evening away. I love it. These old victorian homes in Australia have a look and feel that works so well with these eclectic mixes of furniture. I am trying to break myself out of an obsession with hunting for a place like this in Melbourne.

There are a bunch of amazing places like this on Design Files so I suggest you go take a look as well.

Photo Credit – Steve Ryan.

“All of Us” – Opening Ceremony short

The A/W 2015 campaign video for Opening Ceremony is a dreamy look into the modern relationship. The fragility, the excitement and the fact that sometimes it just falls apart. Beautifully shot entirely by students from Malibu High. Its delicious in it’s simplicity.

New Music: Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me







There are times when your brain seems to just hit off on an idea and then you see it everywhere. I am crushing all over spring pastels and hitting up colour left right and centre in any pitch that allows it. Then just this afternoon I was on a bit of a music prowl and happened across this tune by one of my faves, Son Lux.


Why does it get me going I hear you cry! Well damn I mean pastels and contrast like that thrown up against those moody intense scenes. It sent me into a bit of a spin so I watched it over 3 times. No bad thing. Beautifully art directed, the sets are spot on and the storyline is a bit bizarre. I think that ticks all the right boxes for me.

Take a look for yourself below:

New Work: Lost in the Looping Glass


So I have decided it makes sense to start doing a few new work posts now I am trying to streamline my business a little more. My portfolio, though good at displaying some projects doesn’t always cover everything I do/have done. So with that in mind I am introducing a new section: New Work.

Of late I have been wanting to get myself back into more design in an artistic sense, creating artwork, posters, flyers, prints. When Helen got in touch with me to ask if I could do her artwork again for this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival I leapt at the chance, something that would allow me to do just what I was looking for.

The project was not without it’s challenges, the brief was still somewhat vague as the final idea for the show had not been perfected. Helen’s solo shows have of late been focused on four pieces of music played through loop pedals to create a contemporary sound.  Loosely I was provided with the information that it needed to show that it was a show for violin, she wanted to convey the “other worldliness” of the loop station work that she created.

double_exposure_3 double_exposure_2 double_exposure_1

credits (l-r):Michellis13, Alessio Albi, Simon Hart

Having done some researching I decided what would be interesting would be to try working with double exposure to allow for that more mystical and surreal look that I felt her sound evoked. We had a few false starts, ideas that could work if we had images of her that had been of high enough quality etc. Budget restrictions however meant that wasn’t to be the case so I stepped back to the drawing board.I considered what we had to hand and started again. With a whole bunch of stock images and found photography I pieced together one piece of artwork that we all concluded hit the spot. So by no means as simple as the example images as it is made of multiple images but I feel like it gives the illusion of one large scene double exposed with a violin.







Last taste of England

So I have spent the last 6 months sorting out my life in prep for a new adventure. As of the 1st September I will be a resident of Melbourne, Australia.

Now while this is incredibly exciting (and a little terrifying) it has also interestingly made me get my butt in gear and explore more of the place I am currently living. So here is a little bit of what I have been up to of late (for more do check out my instagram ).

frnace drive
castle boats
durdledoor_3 durdledoor_2
durdledoor 4thjuly
canary_wharf brighton
tower_42 towerbridge


Vintage Vogue



I have spent the day working through updating my site and in the process of doing so managed to root out a whole heap of drafted posts for this blog. Some links are sadly dead but others have lasted and this one made me do a little whoop of joy because it is such a delight of a resource. My Vintage Vogue offers up a range of classic ads, pop art photoshoots, and some brilliant black and white photography. It is a dream to flick through. Here are some of my favourites.









Elementaree set – Maxim Ali


In my now almost daily task of researching icons to help display various bits of information I just stumbled across this beautiful branding work over on CreativeBloq. The Elementaree branding by Russian designer Maxim Ali is a sublime example of how simple icons can help demonstrate to the reader how to proceed with certain tasks. As quick visual aids these are incredibly handy on these recipe cards. Not only that but the colour choices, animations and stylistic flair is totally beautiful. Love.




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