Start Something New

Its been a bit of a rollercoast week but one thing I have known for certain is that I have had a pretty super playlist keeping me going through it all.

So this week I decided to bring a bit of a musical taster.

Track Listing

Too Fake – Hockey
Hell – Tegan and Sara
Antibodies – Sky Larkin
I Am Not a Robot – Marina and the Diamonds
Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) – Florence + the Machine (Jamie T Remix)
Shelter – The XX
Hunch Back  – Kurt Vile
Song Away  – Hockey
Little Lion Man – Mumford &  Sons

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The Photodiarist

there is something about the pictures taken by the Photodiarist that I find really captivating. I love photography at the best of times but with these I find that not only do the pictures work perfectly well on their own but when accompanied with their captions they are given a whole extra lease of life.

These are just a selection of my favourites further images can be found at

Nikolay Saveliev

Nikolay Saveliev is a Russian designer based in New York. I first came across his work whilst clicking through someones flickr where there had featured ‘Pop Matters‘. This project, where he had taken vinyl sleeves with inserts featuring faux-statistics related to the music industry as a tool for promoting indie radio stations, would have been a fantastic piece to have seen when I was working on statistic-based projects whilst at Uni.

Pop Matters

Pop Matters

Pop Matters

What I like most about Nikolay’s work is that his use of type is always crisp and has great impact without being overbearing. His simple, and clean approach is something I certainly would love to aspire to.




 Black days//white nights
 Black days//white nights

View more of his work at

Tweet tweet.

Like everyone (or at least pretty much everyone) I use twitter. It has been a pretty recent thing for me, I decided that I wanted to start following (stalking) bands, in a hope to not miss their gigs and also to keep up with my fellow bloggers and friends. I personally tend to not really write anything of much use other than random drivel, however I came across a girl today who has used twitter to create work.


Johanna Basford launched a 48hour twitterpicture project. Twitter followers basically tweeted what they wanted to see in her big picture and Johanna would then draw them into her pen and ink limited addition print.


The suggestions are hilarious and its amazing to see how she has managed to get each element to sit so effectively together.

A great example of how social networking need not just be a big old waste of time.

Wildfox – it rox


So I have been swooning over numerous items on the Wildfox site for quite some time now and with a recent slightly impressive improvements in my circumstances I have decided to perhaps treat myself to one of their super delicious t-shirts. Now my only problem is to choose one.

Whats even better is that their lookbooks always make me feel super happy. I mean how on trend can you be but to have everything kitted out in super vampire. There ain’t nothing quite as sexy as them there fangs. Cute clothes and cute approach. Go Wildfox, you guys rock!