Bedroom Love

I move house next week and though I am not even close to being ready to packing up and getting to my new place I am rather excited to being able to get somewhere new to arrange my stuff.

I can’t decide if its mainly because I am pretty sleepy 90% of the time at the moment but I am most addicted to collecting bedroom inspiration at the moment. I am overly drawn to stripes/blues and crisp looking sheets and MASSIVE duvets. Thought I would show a few of my favourites..

Sources can be found on pinterest board

Lucy Vs The Globe

So I fail quite miserably at posting the work that I do, so I thought I would go against my usual habits and give this new logo a little shout. My buddy Lucy just relaunched her site with the logo I did for her over at Lucy vs. The Globe.

Would highly recommend going to check it out, less for the logo and more for the fact that that girl knows how to find the raddest new tunes.

Keep rocking Lucy!

Geometry Daily

This was sent over on a mailing list I am part of, and I have seen it being sent round on Twitter, and I can see why. Delicious geometric designs posted daily by Tilman, a German interaction and graphic designer.

I am still pondering over a daily design challenge that I want to take part in myself, I have a few ideas but this has just made me rethink again.

Check out more here

Lumadessa – African Mammals

I have just fallen in love with these limited edition African Mammal prints from Lumadessa, an art and design label run by Maine native, Josh Brill. They are so reminiscent of Charlie Harper’s style. Beautiful.

I have already mentioned that I would love these Animal Prints from The Animal Print shop (still swooning over that parrot), but I reckon I could find some space for a couple of illustrations as well.

I’m Back!

Cape Town was amazing. I have so many more pictures to sort through, edit, upload etc but above are just a few of my Instagram snaps (on there as jenpomphrey). The weather was amazing (can you believe that its meant to be winter there looking at those pics?) and the places I saw were just so beautiful.

Now back to reality!

I’m off

The time has come for me to go on my much need trip off to far away lands. I have my camera packed, plans booked and I am more than ready to go.

I shall be speaking to you all post my Cape Town adventures!

Time to dream big

The past couple of weeks have had me, on numerous occasions, questioning what it is exactly that I am trying to get out of life and where I am planning on “going” in the grander life scheme. Its possibly due to the turning of ages, similar to when a new year hits, when a birthday comes along I also take a look over the past year and try and evaluate the success of what has gone past and what I would like to do next. The problem is I have spent a lot of time recently wanting to have a big answer. What I have also had though are a number of very well timed nudges to keep telling me that its not all written in stone.

Dream Big.

Thats what keeps coming up time and time again. We are the makers of our own futures. We aren’t held back by anything other than our own fears and restrictions that we place on ourselves. So, the time has come for me to start plotting, get these big dreams into focus and start figuring out how I want to achieve them. There are so many places that I want to see, and things that I want to do. I hope to be able to get to do all of them and why ever not?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


(img: Ben Barry )

Citizens – Giving me Friday feelings.

Its Friday, its my birthday weekend and now I am totally ready to escape my desk so I can go party with my friends.

Loving this Lo-fi version of True Romance by Citizens. Happiness indeed.

Have a lovely weekend!


Further to my many other posts about how much I am longing for summer how lovely and bright is this project from London-based &Smith for LUX* resorts. I am particularly smitten with the arcade inspired tickets.

Super delicious.