Cecy Young

I think we should all take a moment to just show a little love for the Golden Memories Project from Cecy Young. I attempted a similar project at uni for an editorial project and failed to even come close to getting the punch and gloss of these images.

Check out her site for other great shoots.

Love Lost

I’m doing a Nike Training Club session on Saturday in Victoria Park. As it currently stands it’s forecast to be below 0°c and the possibility of snow. I also haven’t been to the gym all week so am pretty much freaking out. On the plus side I am hoping this will be the new cheap (FREE) alternative to going to the gym. I will fit in an hour of training on a Saturday and still have the rest of the weekend to potter around. 2012 has been set as the year I up my game when it comes to personal fitness.

So with that said I think I will most certainly be needing to wear thermals and gloves and most of all will be thinking of this video. I hope I get special pyrotechnics as I jog along.


I still can’t recall if I have mentioned Designers.mx before on here but regardless it has been powering me through many an afternoon recently. Fancy rooting through a massive archive of music made by a heap of designers? Yes of course you do because not only do you get tons of tunes in your ears, you also get the added bonus of beautiful artwork too.

Go check it out. Find your favourites and maybe make a mix or two yourself.

Melbourne Dance Company

I know these have been all over blogs for weeks now but every time I happen across this identity and poster design for the Melbourne Dance Company by Josip Kelava I can’t fail to just be incredibly impressed.

The colour range, the type, the photography. It all just shouts deliciousness.

Anna & Marek

Beautiful pictures over on Anna & Marek that are making me long for lazy Sundays and hazy afternoons. The picture above just makes me dream of beaches and lakes even more.

(via Miss Moss)

Branding 10,000 lakes

Now I am all for branding tasks such as Luke Beard’s A Lyric a Day and the many many 365 photography projects that people undertake but when I stumbled across Nicole Meyer’s Branding 10,000 Lakes I was pretty amazed at the size of the task at hand.

Nicole has decided to take the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota and show the potential each lake holds with regards to their branding. The result is a fantastic site full to the brim with deliciousness.

Having skipped ahead and checked the names of the lakes (wiki) I can safely say there are some total corkers.


Pinterest: Home Sweet Home

Now I have to admit it out loud because my love is now quite strong, but I can’t get over the joys of Pinterest. Its the ultimate scrap-booking archive I have come across. I liked ffffound but I often found it frustrating not being able to get to the original source of the images or even knowing who the work was by and I loved Svpply but its slow take up and soley retails based nature restricted it. Anyway Pinterest tracks all repins and even logs where items originate from when it was first pinned and on top of that I seem to not be the only one loving it.

So whilst I was giving it a bit of a shuffle around today it occurred to me that I also seem to have another addiction. I seem to be very drawn to white, grey and blue when it comes to my dream living spaces. Industrial lights, wooden floors, LARGE expanses of white walls splashed with cobalt blue, tiles, and lots of metal. Team that with vast amounts of light coming from big windows and I am apparently sold.

Do you have a Pinterest? Have you noticed any trends in what you pin?

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