Goodbye 2011

It was an odd year. Many highs and lows. Many celebrations and reflections. I travelled a little but mainly stayed close to home. I lost people close to me but I also made many new friends, grew closer to old friends, partied like never before and learnt more about myself than I would have thought I would a year ago.

So thats that. 2011 has left the building and in its place we are left with 2012.

Animal Magic

I can’t help it. I am going to just have to share all these beautiful shots from The Animal Print Shop. They are too beautiful to not have out there in the world. If I could have any I think I’d have the Macaw massive, then a random selection of the more black and white coloured animals in mini frames as a group. Oh god I am planning exactly where I will have them in my dream house.

All images © 2010-2011 Sharon Montrose

Somebody that I used to know…

I have been obsessively listening to this video for a couple of months now. I don’t know what it is about it. It haunts me a little. I tend to often have it stuck in my head. Anyway it tends to now be playing everywhere I go which is a good thing right? Means that the world is catching on to its awesomeness. You can find it over on in various different remixed formats but do your self a favour and try this one for size first. Kimbra is going to be massive too. Her voice is kicking.

Big love to you Gotye. You make my ears happy.

My twenties

Fuck I’m i my 20s

This site has provided me with a vast amount of amusement. Its all true even when it shouldn’t be.

Oh life. At least you can count on other people feeling exactly the same.

Monki Business

So I just bought these. I have been working hard on lots of projects recently and so I figured it was time to treat myself.

Monki are a Swedish store that have just started shipping to the UK so go get yourself on there and browse through their stuff. Its quite fabulous.

Heroine Chic – Soup Magazine

Rather Taken by this shoot over on Soup Magazine. The self portraits are taken by photographer Kourtney Roy who actually has a rather delicious portfolio of work that I would recommend taking a look at.

Now I might just have to go grab my cape…

Amelie Hegardt

This afternoon I have been swept away by these beautiful illustrations by Stockholm based Amelie Hegardt.

Her site is full of stunning work. Commisioned by everyone from the likes of Elle, Gaga, Guerlain and Harrods this girl has some skills.