Free People I want you.

Dear clothing gods,
If you could some how supply me with all of the below I would be very happy.
All the best,


PS. If I can’t have it all then the tribal sandals and the grey dress would be great cheers.

Love the tribal print. I feel it is needed to make my summer amaze.

Currently Reading: Emotinally Weird

So one of my aims for 2011 was to read more and actually I had failed rather miserably until recently.

I am currently pouring over Kate Atkinson’s Emotionally Weird which is quite the amusing ramble through a mother/daughter relationship.

I would highly recommend any of her books, having been put on to her by my own mother. Big up Mamma P.

Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration

Tonight I will be partying it up at the launch of the brand spanking new Amelia’s (of Amelia’s Magazine fame) Compendium of Fashion Illustration. The new book features a whole host of illustrators and designers that have been featured in Amelia’s magazine and more.

It looks like its going to be an awesme night (read about it here) but I will give you all a round up over the weekend.

I am off to go get fancy!

Buy Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration here – Ameila’s Magazine

Cristiana Couceiro

So to try and break out from the heaps of fashion illustrators I keep posting I thought I’d just shower some love on Cristiana Couceiro. This girl does some bloody awesome work. I have spent some time wondering who did the album sleeve for the Crown Jewels EP by Marina and the Diamonds but rather than hopping off my lazy backside and finding out the easy way I happened to come across this work by fluke. Now I can safely say I am obsessed. The retro colour schemes. The collaging. The squares.

Yes I need some of this on my walls. Now.