The Little Black Jacket – CHANEL

Whilst finishing up at work today I dropped in on The Little Black Jacket, a site recently launched by Chanel. The site has bene made as a digital support to the Exhibitions featuring over 100 black and white photos of Karl Lagerfelds muses (both male and female) wearing the simple black tweed jacket in their own personal way. It’s a beautiful site. With large behind the scene videos, an interesting take on an interactive gallery where your keyboard “swirls” you through the images. I would recommend taking a look around if only to sneak a peak at the beautiful photography. Such a shame that I missed the exhibition in London.

All images:

Mø – Pilgrim

Another amazing find from Lucy Vs The Globe. Copenhagen’s Mø has been pleasing my ears for the past week. She has been dubbed as the new Grimes but I am gonna say she is the new Mø. She is way cooler than Grimes. End of.

Give her a listen then shower her with love over on twitter. @KarenMOMOMO

Ed Walker

My friend Ed Walker has been a bit of a photography superstar in my eyes for a while now. I remember when he first really started getting into street photography having moved from shots of buildings (damn they were tasty too though) and now to getting shots of people that really capture the motion and pace of city life. The style and attitude he manages to capture really make me want to know more about each picture.

On top of that I have endless respect for his ability to lift a camera and point it at someone with them knowing and not freak out. I would just get too worried about how they would react.

To put it in his words though:

“This is the way forward. The buzz you get from getting this close, provoking a reaction and walking away with a shot that pops with the very best of humanity in it’s many forms. I’ve gone from taking pictures of buildings to taking pictures of people and wondering why on earth I bothered with buildings at all, to not being happy with wider images of people and wanting to get in so close that not only do I see them, but they see me.”

Find out more on his flickr.

Half Moon identity

Melbourne based design studio Projects of Imagination produced this rather tasty identity for Half Moon. Loving the colour palette used on the collateral and the half and half typography.

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer

Found this trailer by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset the other day and I posted it up on twitter but I just had to put it on here so that I don’t lose it into the void. Its totally insane, these guys basejump like its totally natural thing to do. I wouldn’t be able to get even remotely close to the edge of any of these buildings or cliffs. So I require films and clips like these to let me see what it is like. Maybe one day I will build up the courage to leap into the air. Probably not though.

Seb has done heaps of work but I have come across him before because work he has done with Ultra marathon runner Kilian Jornet. Summits of My Life is Kilian’s film and similar to I Believe I can Fly it looks to be filled with stunning photography and truely outstanding human achievements. Definitely on my To-See list come its release in Autumn. Watch the trailer below:

Bedroom Love

I move house next week and though I am not even close to being ready to packing up and getting to my new place I am rather excited to being able to get somewhere new to arrange my stuff.

I can’t decide if its mainly because I am pretty sleepy 90% of the time at the moment but I am most addicted to collecting bedroom inspiration at the moment. I am overly drawn to stripes/blues and crisp looking sheets and MASSIVE duvets. Thought I would show a few of my favourites..

Sources can be found on pinterest board

Lucy Vs The Globe

So I fail quite miserably at posting the work that I do, so I thought I would go against my usual habits and give this new logo a little shout. My buddy Lucy just relaunched her site with the logo I did for her over at Lucy vs. The Globe.

Would highly recommend going to check it out, less for the logo and more for the fact that that girl knows how to find the raddest new tunes.

Keep rocking Lucy!

Geometry Daily

This was sent over on a mailing list I am part of, and I have seen it being sent round on Twitter, and I can see why. Delicious geometric designs posted daily by Tilman, a German interaction and graphic designer.

I am still pondering over a daily design challenge that I want to take part in myself, I have a few ideas but this has just made me rethink again.

Check out more here

Frontage – A font family from Juri Zaech

Got my swoon on today over this font family designed by Juri Zaech. There is heaps more amazingly beautiful typography on his site. I would recommend going to have a look around.

Buy it here

Lumadessa – African Mammals

I have just fallen in love with these limited edition African Mammal prints from Lumadessa, an art and design label run by Maine native, Josh Brill. They are so reminiscent of Charlie Harper’s style. Beautiful.

I have already mentioned that I would love these Animal Prints from The Animal Print shop (still swooning over that parrot), but I reckon I could find some space for a couple of illustrations as well.

I’m Back!

Cape Town was amazing. I have so many more pictures to sort through, edit, upload etc but above are just a few of my Instagram snaps (on there as jenpomphrey). The weather was amazing (can you believe that its meant to be winter there looking at those pics?) and the places I saw were just so beautiful.

Now back to reality!