Music time.

This week has mainly just been work orientated, moving house and unpacking. Musically I have managed to entertain myself none the less. So here are a few little bits of ear happiness.

I Blame Coco

This lady will be hitting up Camden Crawl which I have just bought tickets for. I heard it played a few times on the radio but not sure it was this version. I have always been quite a fan of Robyn so to have her featured here is great. I feel her vocals add to this a whole depth. I am looking forward to hearing other material by her. I will certainly be ready for some serious dancing. Oh and I would like my hair to be like Robyn’s. Ta!

Marina and the Diamonds

It was with a slightly unsure click that I embarked upon The Family Jewels, the debut album from Marina Diamandis. Now however I am thoroughly happy that I did. She has produced a musical treat of Pop that is smattered with darkness. It may seem sickly sweet at times but the elements gather together elegantly. If you haven’t had a listen then do. Yes you might hate it but its certainly worth a listen.

The Dead Weather

Horehound is probably up there as one of my favourite albums of 2009. I found it after my Uncle (always the cool one) sent me a text telling me just how much I needed to listen to it. So I did just that. There is something fully edgy about it. I Cut Like Buffalo pretty much epitomises the album for me. I am pretty much determined to see these guys live sometime.

What tracks have you been hitting hard this week? Anything that I should be listening to?

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