2009, you weren’t really mine

So it’s time to look at the year and think about what has come and gone and give my highlights an airing. So 2009. My my what a year. I guess one way of looking at it is through my musical adventure.

A key feature for me was the introduction of Spotify. The Swedish born software brought new musical horizons. The ability to stream music for free from any computer anywhere wasn’t exactly a new idea with other developers creating the sites of pandora, last.fm and hype machine. Spotify however allowed a user to search a database of millions of tracks by thousands of artists. Albums could be played in full, added to playlists or sourced from a top tracks list. Users also had the ability to share music with any other spotify user.

The only real downside for me was the adverts, “jonathon” from spotify quickly became a much detested element of the spotify machine but really it was mainly seen in a tongue-in-cheek attack and many can deal with the ads so long as the music is free.

None-the-less as someone who rather enjoys music I have happily taken to spotify. It has a catalogue that allows me to not only play old favourites but also discover new music as recommended by others. Mumford and Sons debut album was one such treat, I was happily introduced to Metric and their fantastic album ‘Fantasies’, Yeah Yeah Yeahs much anticipated ‘Zero’ certainly proved the wait was worth it. The XX were one of my favourite break through acts along with the Temper Trap who to this day have been a true festival highlight.
Speaking of which I revisited the Mystery Jets after a sensational set at Field Day.

Gigs wise I managed to squeze a few in with the likes of the All American Rejects, Lily Allen, Kate Voegele, Jack’s Mannequin and Lady Hawke. It’s been fun for sure. 2010 already has plenty in store with Vampire Weekend’s ‘Contra’ due in January, and The XX tour in March and no doubt plenty more but until then here is a playlist of my years adventures. Enjoy!

2009 Its All Over

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