summer lookbook – Bri Emery

I love Bri, I have posted about her beautiful apartment before, and I will admit that I read her blog every day. Her bitesize design tips and lovely fashion posts always brighten my day. (If I wasn’t a photoshop monkey all day I’d love to take part in her BLogShop as well) So this evening I decided I should go see what work she had going on in her portfolio. No suprise, it was all delicious. I love the lookbook that she has done for, its so bright and summery that it is making me wish away the dark and dingy days of winter and want to go play in the sun.

When I left Wallpaper* I was a little stuck in a world of black and white design, fearful of colour. Bri’s work just goes to help boost my rediscovered love of all thinks bright and beautiful.

Check out her other work here

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