Dream Home – Patricia Szonert and Cam Noble


I always love when I open my inbox in the morning to the treat of a new Design Files newsletter. I have been a fan before I moved over here, previously going to bed at night to browse through their dreamy articles about beautiful homes and inspirational designers.



This morning was no different, coffee inhand and cycle into the office complete I sit down and open up to this beauty of a home. Owned by Patricia Szonert and Cam Noble, the Brisbane home ticks so many of my dream home boxes, big rooms,  with high ceilings, bright and clean, with colour injected into the space through artwork and interesting furnishings. It looks like the kind of place where you could comfortably find a nice place to sit yourself and get lost in a book, or invite friends over and share a glass or two of wine and chat the evening away. I love it. These old victorian homes in Australia have a look and feel that works so well with these eclectic mixes of furniture. I am trying to break myself out of an obsession with hunting for a place like this in Melbourne.

There are a bunch of amazing places like this on Design Files so I suggest you go take a look as well.

Photo Credit – Steve Ryan.

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