Ed Walker

My friend Ed Walker has been a bit of a photography superstar in my eyes for a while now. I remember when he first really started getting into street photography having moved from shots of buildings (damn they were tasty too though) and now to getting shots of people that really capture the motion and pace of city life. The style and attitude he manages to capture really make me want to know more about each picture.

On top of that I have endless respect for his ability to lift a camera and point it at someone with them knowing and not freak out. I would just get too worried about how they would react.

To put it in his words though:

“This is the way forward. The buzz you get from getting this close, provoking a reaction and walking away with a shot that pops with the very best of humanity in it’s many forms. I’ve gone from taking pictures of buildings to taking pictures of people and wondering why on earth I bothered with buildings at all, to not being happy with wider images of people and wanting to get in so close that not only do I see them, but they see me.”

Find out more on his flickr.

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