Karla’s Closet

I am an avid reader of fashion blogs, despite my own sense of style often edging on non-existant I love to see how others throw together their outfits everyday. The blog world has been taken over by guys and girls alike showing off how they have teamed the latest James Campbell shoes with their favourite vintage dress. Its great fun and pretty inspiring. Along with that there are some damn nice photos out there.

So on that note I thought I would introduce over a few posts my favourites.

Karla’s Closet has fast become a bit of a favourite for me. Her blog tends to be photos of her outfits and then any inspirational magazine tears that she has found. There are occasionally pretty interesting “days out” photos, such as trips to flea markets etc but really its just about her clothes as the name of the blog would suggest. Karla has some beautiful clothes, always in such radiant shades. Her selection of blazers is something I greatly envy and as for her accessories… wow. Her shoe’s are lush. I adore her CholĂ© boots. Lovely.

Now how to get her wardrobe on my budget? I think I need to work on it. Oh and her hair. Nice!

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