Listen with your eyes – Gig Posters

Living in a city where gigs for the next-big-things are as popular as those for the major players its interesting to see the more renegade styles that crop up. Some can be simply scribbles of names on a piece of paper, others are beautifully drawn and designed. So I thought that it was time to translate my musical love into a bit of delicious design appreciation. Gig posters are to me what movie posters are to film buffs, there are the rare and saught after, the ones that mean something to you because you were there, and then the ones that even if you have no idea who the band are you just love how it looks. Sites like and flickr’s gig poster pool are both excellent sources to find both well known talents as well as hidden gems.

I would say that my first serious dabbling in the gig poster world came from me prowling around for images of my favourite bands one day. I was desperately seeking inspiration for a music design project and was hunting for Death Cab pieces (having been listening to Transatlanticism solidly) when I came across Jason Munn aka The Small Stakes. Its been love ever since. I was actually bought the above Death Cab poster for my 21st birthday and I have to say its probably my favourite print to date.

Alongside that another favourite would be Daniel Danger, his style is rather different to that of Jason, with his strong illustrative style making reference to ghost stories and dreamscapes. I would say that on screen you would never be able to fully appreciate the attention to detail that is put into his work. I have two print of his that both have such vibrancy despite the overall darkness. He manages to balance the black so well with his use of colour. His site is a gem of beautiful pieces but in particular I do think that the spirit of his gig posters are something that aren’t achieved by anyone else I have found so far.

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