Pinterest: Home Sweet Home

Now I have to admit it out loud because my love is now quite strong, but I can’t get over the joys of Pinterest. Its the ultimate scrap-booking archive I have come across. I liked ffffound but I often found it frustrating not being able to get to the original source of the images or even knowing who the work was by and I loved Svpply but its slow take up and soley retails based nature restricted it. Anyway Pinterest tracks all repins and even logs where items originate from when it was first pinned and on top of that I seem to not be the only one loving it.

So whilst I was giving it a bit of a shuffle around today it occurred to me that I also seem to have another addiction. I seem to be very drawn to white, grey and blue when it comes to my dream living spaces. Industrial lights, wooden floors, LARGE expanses of white walls splashed with cobalt blue, tiles, and lots of metal. Team that with vast amounts of light coming from big windows and I am apparently sold.

Do you have a Pinterest? Have you noticed any trends in what you pin?

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