Pixie Market dreams.

All dresses from Pixie Market

So for years I have looked at all my friends who have been constantly attending weddings and felt pangs of envy because they have had the chance to go on adventures to other towns, attend hen parties and then dance the night away on the special day in a lovely new frock. Now that time has come for me. People are beginning to get married and I am thrilled but it has suddenly occurred to me that I have very little in terms of evening wear. I have become a lazy designer, my uniform pretty much daily is jeans and a t-shirt, my nights out are often saved for the pub and occasionally a birthday party at houses. So now that I am expected to attend a hen party where the venue will no doubt require a slightly more brushed up look I have been trawling the internet in hope of finding something wonderful to wear.


Pixie Market has been teasing me greatly with their selection of delicate prints, earthy tones and some totally outrageous cuts. I love it. Infact If I could just take all the above I think I’d be pretty happy. Maybe the Brunette’s hair as well. Ok I have done enough wanting now…

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