Byta – Web App

In September 2014 I joined forces with Marc Brown and Pete Coward on a venture to change how music files are shared within the music industry. Working together to understand pain points in what was a fundamentally broken system we came up with the idea of Byta that allows music professionals to securely share pre-release music to anybody with an email address. Our number one objective was to reduce the complexity of getting your tracks to the people that need them.

We looked at other similar services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer and other competitor music promo services, then fleshed out what specific features we need to be more focused to the requirements of the music industry and built it up from there.

In terms of design we wanted to create something that was clean, simple to use and not intimidating. As co-founder, designer and frontend developer, my role has been to take the original idea through concept development to creation of all branding, wireframes, and user interfaces.

Design Process

I have led one full redesign over our time as a team as we have seen Byta grow, this included a full branding consultation, exploration and build out.

Each new feature is worked on as a team, ideas are built out in meetings, then planned through userflows, wireframes and then move on to initial designs.

As the site has expanded we have built out a component library that helps us move through the new feature process more efficiently and helps us maintain a consistent brand.

Front End Development

Byta is built on the Symfony PHP framework and Foundation as our frontend framework. As lead frontend I am involved in working across simple page updates, making stylistic changes and new feature builds.

Mobile Design

Byta is currently under going plans for expansion into mobile apps. In the original design below the challenge was to take the elements of the current site and adapt them to better suit the mobile environment.

The challenge here was to understand the users needs when it comes to sending and receiving music whilst on the go. Often we believe the case would be that they either are wanting to listen to music so we wanted a quick and easy to use player, or they would be needing to quickly share a track.

The mobile app is currently in development stages.