Proof is in the Picture

Now this is somewhat inspired by a post by Aimee-Marie and her lovely post about Rock and Roll Bride (which I have to say is a truely fantastic site) but basically I have fallen in love with weddings.

Now I can safely say I am not one of those girls who you find drooling over wedding brochures, partly due to not having any love in my life of which to garner hope for these things and also partly down to that just not being my style. I like to look at pictures and be rather impressed and then get distracted by the next shiny thing. However when looking at the above mentioned sites I came across Jill Thomas’ photography and the photos for her brother’s wedding and I couldn’t let this one pass.

Now I have to admit that these are possibly the two most photogenic people ever but that aside I just love the style, the fun, the energy that are contained within each picture. Also where can you go wrong wearing some hot pink sunglasses and pink deckshoes with your gown. Retro. So tasty.

It is a testament to Jill’s talent that all images on her site are of such great standard. I also happened across the engagement photos for the couple and they are equally lovely. Not only that but they prove that wedding photography need not be something that is frowned upon as a profession. Its a fantastic opportunity to create something that reflects the couple, that can be timeless and treasurable.

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