Thursday loving.

Link love for the week just gone. These stories have had me feeling inspired or just plain entertained.

Design Assembly on Grafik the lovely Matt Judge heads up an interview about the design blog he founded. Worth a read to see what inspires him

Its (not) all about the music – what to wear at a festival at Code For Something is a nice little round up of practical but stylish outfits for the festival season. Having just bought tickets for Kings of Leon at Hyde Park I was really feeling this post.

The Sartorialist – Graphic Chic I love love love both of these outfits. That skirt just pops. Delicious!

Youth, Excess and the Indie Film Soundtracks at Little White Lies is a good little discussion on why soundtracking is so vital to indie cinema. The films mentioned all how fabulous soundtracks, checking it out and have a listen and maybe you can suggest some more for me.

Wallpaper* and Swatch Collaboration we need your votes! You even get entered into a draw where you could win a watch. Pretty good deal for 10 seconds of your time.

The Brits happened this week as you no doubt already know (or were you living under a rock?) I didn’t watch it but I made sure to catch up with the highlights one of which that I was most impressed with was You’ve Got The Dirtee Love the awesome mash-up of Dizzee Rascal and Florence and the Machine. Excellent stuff.

On that note have a fabulous weekend. Hopefully your Friday will fly by.

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