What Screens Want

“We can use the efficiency and power of interfaces to help people do what they already wish more quickly or enjoyably, and we can build up business structures so that it’s okay for people to put down technology and get on with their life once their job is done. We can rearrange how we think about the tools we build, so that someone putting down your tool doesn’t disprove its utility, but validates its usefulness.”

I’d highly recommend reading What Screens Want by Frank Chimero if you have any interest in User Interfaces and design. The above quote rings particularly true with what I hope to achieve with a number of the projects that i am currently working on. Designing and building applications that reduce the amount of time people have to interact with them is an excellent target. Sure we would all love long engagement with our products but simply because the users wants to rather than needs to.

Have a read. See what you think.

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